Cyclades Restaurant Menu


Food is served from 12:30 to 16:30

Cherry Tomatoes – 10,00€  (Vegetarian)
with local cream cheese, burley rusks, basil and olive powder

Mixed Salad – 11,00€ (Vegetarian)
with grilled peaches, mastiha cheese and citrus dressing

Quinoa Salad with Αvocado – 10.00€ (Vegan)
spinach, arugula and kale

Green Chicken Salad – 12.00€
Tinos gruyere, cherry tomatoes and orange saffron dressing

Grilled Talagani Cheese – 7,00€ (Vegetarian)
with fig marmelade, pickled fennel root and mint

Deep Fried Feta Cheese 7,00€ (Vegetarian)
with spicy tomato sauce and smoked paprika with basil

Marinated Tuna Tartare  15,00€
in mastiha salt, verbena, chilli and olive oil with avocado and peach

Marinated Anchovy – 7,00€ 

French fries – 7,00€ (Vegan)

Grilled octopus – 14.00€
with potato salad

Grilled Squid – 14,00€
stuffed with sauteed wild greens and basil sauce

Spicy Tuna Fillet – 18,00€
with buckwheat and herbs pesto

Shrimp Orzo – 17,00€ 
with fennel, spinach, and lemon zest

Meatballs – 10,00€ 
with french fries

Chicken nuggets – 12,00€

Pennes Bolognese – 10,00€

Grilled chicken – 13,00€
marinated in yoghurt, mint, mustard and cumin, served with French fries

Signature Burger – 15,00€
with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, lettuce, whiskey sauce and french fries

Vegan Burger – 15,00€ (Vegan)
with tofu, lettuce, tomatoes, vegan mayo and avocado

Pork Pita – 10,00€
with mint yoghurt, chimichurri and French fries

Tuna Sandwich – 9,00
with lettuce, egg, verbena mayo and pickled cucumber

Greek Cheese Cake – 8,00€ (Vegetarian)
with local cream cheese, figs, thyme and honey

Chocolate Fudge Cake – 9.00€ (Vegetarian)
with vanilla ice cream

Traditional Αlmond Cake – 6.00€ (Vegetarian)


Please inform the company’s staff of any allergies or intolerances you may have. However, we cannot fully guarantee that the food in these facilities will be free of allergenic substances or traces thereof.

In salads, we use extra virgin olive oil and fry in sunflower oil.
Shrimps, squid and octopus are frozen.

The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive a legal document.
Prices include VAT and Municipal taxes. Responsible by law: Phillip Perrakis